RE*BODY~ Review

This is my story, I'm hoping this will be my weight-loss story.

 As with most Americans my weight has been an up and down battle, but every since I had my son it has mostly been an up and up and up...Well, you get the picture. I've tried a lot of fad diets, plans, and even one endorsed by healthcare professionals, but I failed. They might have all been great programs and plans that would work for someone more determined. I just wasn't, until now.

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I've been planning the day to start my journey for a while now, but when the opportunity to review RE*BODY Hunger Chews was offered to me I knew. This is my starting point. I had never heard of RE*BODY or their Hunger Chews, so I was intrigued by the idea a product would help curb my crazy appetite.
I eat for a number of reasons. Very rarely out of true hunger. Stress, boredom...bring on the chocolate, chips and soda. For the next week, I'm going to be more honest with my readers than I've been with myself my whole life. I will be posting what I eat, how much I exercise, and how much the RE*BODY Hunger Chews help my appetite or not.

Yesterday, my DAY 1. 
  • Breakfast~ 2 waffles and 3 strips of Bacon. Not the greatest diet food, but I was making this for my son. I made the same for myself.
  • Mid Morning~ I felt the Huge Cravings coming on so I did as I read on the Hunger Chews pack I ate one of the orange chews. It helped hold me off til lunch. 
  • Lunch~ I shared a Lean Cuisine french bread pizza with my son along with some cracker chips.
  • Supper~ Subway sandwhich with baked chips and a cookie. (guilty)
I didn't have the best of days for starting, I had to go to the grocery store. My 2 year old was being a 2 year old, so I was stressed out. Though I  truly feel I did better than most days on snacking.( I forgot to eat a second chew before supper, I might have eaten less if I had.) There are other things I'm doing different than I normally do. I'm trying to drink more water. I'm trying to exercise. I didn't get any exercise worthy of noting yesterday. I weighed myself when I first got up in the morning, and I will let you know if I gained or lost at the end of this week.
Today has been much better, read about it tomorrow on Day 2. Thanks for following my journey.
Day 2~ My frame of mind was more determined today. I can do it. I will do it. I will have the will power!

  • Breakfast was a Chocolate Protein Shake. Much better than yesterday!
  • At about 10 am I had a glass of iced coffee.Mmmmmm.
  • 11:30 am I had ate a RE*Body Hunger Chew thinking we would have our lunch sometime soon.
  • 12:30 my son came in asking for, " nummy nummy" his word for yummy food. I fixed him something to eat. Thinking I would eat a little later, since I was in the middle of typing a post for my blog. :-D
  • Forgot Lunch. Seriously. I forgot to eat. My husband called me from work to tell me he was going to be home sooner than planned, so I would know in case I wanted to start supper earlier. 
  • I went to the kitchen to fix our supper, and realized...I didn't eat lunch. I'm not advocating skipping meals. I don't think I've ever forgot to eat in my life. I've fasted before for religious or medical reasons. I remember thinking it was going to kill me. Today, I just forgot. Wow. 
  • 4:30 pm  I fixed homemade chili and popped in a hunger chew before eating. I had one bowl of chili, then went back for another. Even while I was dipping my second bowl I thought I don't really need this. I ate most of the second bowl. Then I felt over-full. Miserable. I hate feeling bloated and stuffed.
  • I didn't eat any evening snacks, since I was overstuffed from supper. I did drink some juice and water.
  • I didn't get in any exercise besides a little housework. I felt today was a success for drinking more water and juice. I don't usually drink much of any liquid except coffee, so that was a good change. 

Day 3.

I started this day off strong, I'm gaining momentum each day. I'm proud to say, I didn't have any stress eating on day 3! 
  • Breakfast~ Chocolate protein shake
  • Mid-Morning snack my iced coffee drink then a bottle of water
  • Ate my RE*BODY Hunger Chew...Yum. I'm really liking these, I don't know if it's psychological or what. They have helped me control my snacking. 
  • Lunch~ Left over chili, only one bowl, :-) and a glass of juice
  • Another RE*BODY Hunger Chew.
  • Protein Shake for supper, then a snack of about 10 crackers with some lite cream cheese.Bottled water.
  • Tylenol with glass of water before bed due to my wisdom teeth coming in. Yuck. My mouth is killing me today, so I know I won't be eating too much on day 4.
Day 4
       My mouth has been killing me since my wisdom teeth have came in. Eating hasn't been at the top of my list, so my snacking has not been a problem.

      • Breakfast was a protein shake.
      • Next I ate my Hunger Chew, and didn't eat anything else until lunch
      • Lunch we were eating out, and I had a chicken sandwich and a baked potato with a diet soda. 
      • Supper was another protein shake since my mouth was killing me. 
      • I was going out with my mom to go see cirque du soleil (it was awesome by the way). I ate a RE*BODY Hunger chew before leaving, so I wouldn't be tempted to snack.
      Holding strong, and not feeling like it's work. Keeping my cravings at bay has been easy with the Hunger Chews, I have some exciting news to post tomorrow!
       Day 5
      This will be my last posting for my RE*BODY Hunger Chews. I would recommend these to anyone trying to jumpstart your diet, or just trying to hang tough. They have helped me kick my unhealthy snacking habits, and really boosted my confidence in my own will power! This past week has been killer for me, and in spite of all the stress I've been experiencing I have LOST WEIGHT!!! Some people stop eating when stressed out, me I normally eat everything in sight, and whatever can be had through a drive-thru. This week has been a great test of what the Hunger Chews can really help with. The cravings were there, then I would eat the RE*BODY Hunger Chew, and I would feel satisfied. After 5 days of cutting calories, drinking more water, and using the Hunger Chews to curb stress/boredom eating. I have lost 2.6 lbs!!! I'm sure results will vary depending on the person, but for me they have been a huge help in kicking off my weight-loss journey. I'm thankful that RE*BODY gave me this opportunity to try out their product! ~ Beck
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         So far I feel the RE*BODY Hunger Chews are helping me keep my cravings at bay. I think I've noticed that if I eat the Chew awhile before I'm actually wanting to eat, it helps me feel satisfied.That way I don't keep thinking about food. If you are interested in learning more about RE*BODY Hunger Chews or would like to purchase them visit here.
      To learn more about the whole RE*BODY product line visit

      (To do this review I was given (1) 30 count package of RE*BODY Hunger Chews) While the product was free to me, I have not been compensated in any form for any statements made above or in the past or future. 
      All views and opinions are my own. RE*BODY Hunger Chews

      I received a free full-sized 30 count package of Hunger Chews for my review. They arrived, and I tried one right away. They were not what I expected. The flavor is Mandarin Orange, and it is naturally flavored. It was very sweet, but not gummy. I was surprised it made my mouth water, and dissolved rather quickly. They have 20 calories per serving, and 0 fat. I liked the taste. The first night I tried one, before I was actually starting (a diet) I thought I noticed a difference. I had made myself a bowl full of frozen yogurt, but I didn't finish it all. I only ate about half, and I felt full. (That's just not normal for me)
      The package states:
      • Control hunger and overeating
      • Curb sugar and snack cravings
      • Help inhibit emotional eating impulses ( my biggest problem)
      • Active ingredient Satiereal Saffron Extract 88.5 
      As with any diet program consult your healthcare professional before starting.  For best results use in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program. Keep out of Reach of Children.

      If you are interested in learning more about RE*BODY and the Hunger Chews click here to visit their site, and see all of their available products. 
      You can also find them on facebook by clicking here.


      1. You can do it! One word of advice your liquid calories. My favorite coffee is a medium iced with cream and 2 splenda (or sugar). I was shocked when I found out that it contained almost 200 calories!

        Good luck!

      2. Looks like you are doing great!!! Love this review and how it's a daily thing to give you good insight into if the Hunger Chews really work. ;)

      3. Sounds like a good product to try! I try to fit exercise into my schedule when my 3 yr old is asleep!

      4. Would like to try this product "}
        Kristina Kohler

      5. i would like to try this one, like you i stress eat too, i want to start walking again, we are looking at buying a tredmill.

      6. I have been exercising 5 times a week for over 2 months now:) Awesome feeling!! Just have to push myself and keep motivated:) Would love to try this product!

      7. Started weight lifting (just for toning... not huge with my hubby, and I usually go up and down stairs in our home multiple times a day.

      8. I need to do a better job because as of now I take the dogs on a 2 mile walk in the morning after walking the kids to school and I walk to pick the kids up from school.

      9. The only way I can make myself do it is first thing in the morning before I do anything else and that means getting up a lot earlier, but if I wait I will never do it.

      10. I am pretty active. I try to fit something in 3-5 times a week.

      11. I use to work out at the gym every day but now due to daily migraines I am not able to. I just eat really healthly.

      12. Have to push to keep motivated and get to the gym after work since I have to be in at 6am - it's a struggle for sure!

      13. I have to make myself exercise usually on the treadmill. I think it would really help if I had an exercise partner.

      14. I try to take walks everyday with my kids and just play outside with them.

      15. I eat in moderation. Thats all it is about. Everything we put in our bodies is unhealthy but its the amount you do it in thats even unhealthier. MODERATION!

      16. I carry my 2 month old baby (12 pounds now!)in one of those baby carriers that you strap onto your front. I also run after my 2 year old.

      17. when I take my daugther to the park I walk

      18. I need to do it more consistently

      19. I have two children at home during the day, so I try to fit exercise in either before they get up and at their day or during their nap time.

      20. I don't do alot of exercising except for the treadmill, due to a bad back. But I have lost 6 pounds in 6 day taking supplements and Hunger Chews. Thank you for the opportunity to win these. I need some more!!!

      21. Great review! Thanks for the motivation!

      22. i hate exercise other than walking i need a magic drop the weight off pill :)

      23. Great review! You're awesome to put this online! Good for you! :)

      24. Thanks for the honest review. I see it's been a couple of years- how are you doing now?

      25. Neat idea of a chew to curb hunger. Thanks for sharing your journey :)

      26. Thank you so much for giving me inspiration. I have been trying and trying to loose weight! I have Fibro so it is hard for me to exercise I would love to find a low impact that I could find.

      27. Going to pass along this article to my Son who just started a rigorous weight loss program. Sounds benefitial. Best of luck to you!

      28. I will really need to look further into this, thank you for the amazing review! I've struggled with my weight for six years now and as such am at greater risk for diabetes and caner, both runs in my family. I feel very inspired, thank you!

      29. Congrats. This sounds like a good program.

      30. I struggle with weight and have my whole life. Lost 100lbs last year and now can't seem to budge. :(

      31. I want do do these things but I have no motivation

      32. I've struggle with weight loss for a long time. I would like to try this.

      33. I thought that it was a very nice story. I know that I need to lose some weight right now. You gave me the inspiration to do it.

      34. I respect and appreciate you sharing these posts!! It is HARD!! Before I started having kids I could eat just about anything & not gain weight! After my first baby, it took me about 3 months to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I was also 18 & raising her on my own. Then it got harder & harder!! I never really got back to my original weight, but I maintained a respectable weight, until I became disabled! Now I'm also a Diabetic. I don't desire to be skinny again just healthier! I have to ask my doctor about this because of all my health issues, but it would be worth it if it works for me! Thanks for sharing!!!

      35. Thanks for sharing this. I struggle daily with my weight.

      36. I finally got our household on a healthy diet with less processed foods, now I need to work on portions! Rebody Hunger Chews sound like a great aid to accomplish this goal.

      37. I have spent too much time inside this winter. As a result I need to take off some munchie weight. I think I could use an aide.

      38. I'm eating a low carb diet right now for weight loss. I saw some pictures of myself on Christmas morning and was not happy. I don't want to be that mom that hides behind my daughter in pictures. I've already lost a good amount of weight, but have been looking for something sweet and fast for when the cravings hit. These Hunger Chews sound perfect!

      39. I was wondering if you kept this up? It sounded like you liked them ad they worked. I would probably try and eat them like candy!

        ellen beck

      40. It is so hard to lose weight especially the older that you get

      41. Good luck. I'm trying to lose weight too. It's harder with kids around. I heard if you add a green smoothie somewhere in your day but don't worry about taking anything away it cuts cravings.

      42. I wish you continued success in your goals. My mother is struggling with her weight loss journey, I will be sure to tell her about this. Thank you for sharing your story.

      43. Thanks for sharing! Due to an ankle injury and lack of exercise because of it I've put on 30 pounds and I'm doing all I can to lose it, but at my own pace.As long as I know I'm focused and determined on losing it I know eventually I'll lose it all.It may not be as quick as I like but small progress leads to success!

      44. I can relate. I'm a stress eater too. It sucks!! I'm also a boredom eater. I promise myself I won't do it...and then...there I am looking into the cabinets and fridge. I'm going to be checking these out.

      45. I eat to much because it is my way of dealing with issues. I have a lot of issues.


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